Values & Ethos

The governors of our school in consultation with the staff have agreed that the basic intention of the school should be to help each child realise his/her maximum potential. To this end, a number of educational and social aims have been devised:-

  • To create a caring and secure environment in which children, staff and parents work together for the mutual benefit of all.
  • To encourage our children to have respect for the environment in which they live and to learn that courtesy and consideration for others are fundamentally important qualities.
  • To develop a respect for religious and moral values and an empathy with other races, religions and cultures.
  • To foster in each child a lively and enquiring mind, the ability to solve problems and encouraging them to become increasingly independent in their learning.
  • To provide opportunities for our children to develop the necessary skills for cooperative and collaborative learning.
  • To help each child to achieve a command and appreciation of the English language, to encourage the enjoyment of reading, and to develop the ability to communicate with others.
  • To help each child develop the knowledge and understanding of Mathematical and Scientific concepts and develop the ability to apply these effectively.
  • To help each child develop their individual skills and to appreciate the benefits and pleasure derived from a healthy life-style.
  • To promote and develop each child’s understanding of the world in which we live through a variety of Historical, Geographical and Religious studies.
  • To encourage and develop individual ability in the Creative Arts and Technology as well as fostering an awareness and appreciation of the achievements of others.