Covid-19 Statement:

Swale Academies Trust is following all Department for Education (DfE) and Public Health England (PHE) advice throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

All Trust schools have undertaken rigorous risk assessment processes in close consultation with staff, Trust leaders, governing bodies, and union representatives.  Our comprehensive assessments are regularly reviewed and updated as guidance changes.

All schools have put in place a number of protective measures, based on the available guidance, to manage the identified risks and protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our children, staff and families.  These measures are underpinned by the DfE guidance and are primarily based on the five essential measures of:

  • a requirement that people who are ill stay at home
  • robust hand and respiratory hygiene
  • enhanced cleaning arrangements
  • active engagement with NHS Test and Trace
  • formal consideration of how to reduce contacts and maximise distancing between those in school wherever possible and minimise potential for contamination so far as is reasonably practicable

If you wish to discuss the risk assessment approach or specific protective measures in place, please contact the school office for further information.

It is a privilege to welcome you to our school website. Teachers and support staff at Parkland are proud to deliver an outstanding education. One where we hope to ignite imaginations and inspire our young learners. We have an incredible environment, both inside and outside and utilise this wonderful space when planning our teaching sessions.

We are an Ofsted rated ‘good’ school with high standards, high expectations, a nurturing ethos and warm, positive support for our learners. Our motto 'Aim high, work hard, dream BIG' radiates from every classroom.

The results achieved by our pupils always bears testament to the hard work of our learners, teachers and parents. Our reading, writing and maths results are in line with or above national averages - which is something to be incredibly proud of.

A central theme of our work is high expectations in everything that we do. Insisting on the highest standards of uniform and behaviour has a very direct link to pupils' achievement, attitude to learning and future life chances. We also do everything we can to promote optimum physical health and emotional wellbeing for our school community.

I very much look forward to working with you to ensure a school where pupils make rapid progress, develop a lifelong love of learning and have inspiring experiences that will ensure they remember their time with us for many years to come.

Best wishes,

Ms S Simpson

Head of Schools